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We are CCI

Turning Spaces Into Legacies

Corporate Contracting, Inc. (CCI), headed by Michael J. Walsh, CEO, based in Parsippany, NJ, exhibits an outstanding commercial construction resume.

Corporate Contracting, handles all facets of commercial construction, from interior office build outs and site development, to new building projects launched from the ground up. CCI has not rapidly, but rather gradually expanded over the past 25 years into a multi-million-dollar company.

CCI has helped build world headquarters for many Fortune 1000 companies as well as recently redeveloping and renovating their own headquarters in Parsippany, NJ.

The CCI mantra is to be recognized as ‘best in class’ - not the biggest.


The CCI Difference

CCI has established a solid reputation in major interior office space construction and alterations. Fast-track tenant fit-ups are second nature and the firm is expert in navigating the sometimes-cumbersome government permitting process at all levels


CCI has been the preferred choice of multiple corporate giants to build out their World Headquarters’ here in the United States. MLB Network, IQVIA and Accenture, as well as their own.


  • We have a solid reputation

    Corporate Contracting, which handles everything from interior office fit-ups, to site development and building projects that start from the ground up, has grown steadily over the past twenty-five years into a leading well-known commercial construction industry name.

  • We have long relationships

    Their clients always speak highly of CCI's business practices, especially Mike Walsh’s personal involvement, which is literally reflected on every project. Clients can confidently know that promises will be kept and communication will be clear and constant.

  • We meet deadlines

    CCI's measured successful growth is part of the game plan. An essential factor of their play-book is, never overloading their schedule! We make sure no internal decisions will negatively effect the job. It is difficult enough to handle outside conflicts.

  • We are responsible

    Mike Walsh displays his direct contact phone number posted on signs erected at every job site, where he encourages everyone, to phone him directly with any issues or compliments, any time. This availability is necessary for quick problem solving and decision making so no time or money is lost.

  • We have great leverage

    CCI relies on a proven roster of subcontractors who have performed successfully on their behalf on a multitude of projects for numerous years. We have a loyalty the ensures performance using long term relationships as well as a constant stream of work.


Our main goal as an organization is about building honorable relationships. This is achieved by creating trust and cultivating long-lasting client relationships which are truly the most valuable assets continually needed to fuel our great success.

The CCI Experience

CCI has a unique perspective of the commercial construction process from start to finish. CCI is involved in the entire process, from Pro-forma budgets to close a deal, to the ever-important final deadline and punch list, whatever the project.

World Headquarters

With emphasis on constructing corporate headquarters; we are experts in orchestrating the best labor force, materials, and management for this type of construction.


Our professional service staff uses specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project from concept to completion.


We follow a structured thought process that is based exclusively on function and the analysis of each function to identify relationships that increase value.


We avoid problems with cost overruns by providing a credible, reliable, and accurate cost estimate for every project


Time-lines add significant value to project scheduling. This allows our project managers to accurately determine if a project is on schedule and within budget.


We begin by examining a potential site for development through analysis. We can then fine-tune the optimal location, and design a structure that works within the parameters of allowed space.

Our works

Corporate Contracting, Inc. (CCI) has a unique perspective of the commercial construction process from start to finish, garnered by actual project experience, simply stated - what works and what doesn’t.